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St. Catharines

God’s call to Religious life …
Before I became a Catholic, I wanted to help others. At the age of 18, I came in contact with my sister’s Catholic teachers and I was baptized a year after. I was already looking at various communities.

God’s call to become a Carmelite Sister D.C.J. …
I prayed to St. Therese. At that moment, I didn’t even know she was a Carmelite! The prayer life attracted me.

The discernment tip ...
Seek guidance from a parish priest.

What makes me happy as a Carmelite Sister D.C.J. …
It’s a combination. The prayer life, our community life…we are the family of Christ. We laugh together; we cry together. We encompass the whole idea of a family. We support each other, no matter what happens. But number one is the prayer life. I love to go early in the morning or late in the evening when I am all by myself. I just sit there, totally wrapped in love and in a sense of peace. It doesn’t matter if I had a hard day, it just melts away! Then I can share that love I felt, this enraptured feeling of joy. I share it with our Sisters and it flows in our apostolate. We care for children as a mother, and we are like a child to the aged who may not have other family. In every aspect, Religious life is a joy!