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St. Catharines

God’s call to Religious life…
I originally came from Europe where religion was somewhat suppressed. Convents were closed or taken away. I grew up with parents who practiced and lived their faith. I loved to go to Sunday Mass, whenever it was possible. I loved the litany we prayed in May, and the October Rosary devotions. I became acquainted with Margaret, a friend 10 years older than me. I admired her virtuous way of life. She would have loved to be a Carmelite Nun if convents would be opened.

God’s call to become a Carmelite Sister D.C.J.…
When we settled in Toronto, I expressed my wish to the Pastor of entering a Carmelite Order. He mentioned the one on Harrison Street and he took me to meet the Sisters. I was told that the Sisters worked with children and the elderly. I also felt drawn to their prayer life.

The discernment tip:
Read the Imitation of Christ! A priest gave it to me to read daily. It opened my heart to reflect on a higher way of life than just existing and going through a daily routine. Also, I could not imagine my life without close and daily contact with God - especially in daily Mass.

What makes me happy as a Carmelite Sister D.C.J.…
I had many desires. I wanted to become a saint, and give honour to Mary. Mary is splendidly honoured in Carmel. I am happy and grateful that God my heavenly Father granted my hearts desires in Religious life. It gives me a deep sense of peace. I am where God called me to be, and what I want to do in return is up to me.