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God’s call to Religious life …
Since I was a child I always wanted to be a Religious Sister. Mass always attracted me. When I could get there, I was always there. I never had contacts with Sisters but my calling was always deep in my heart. When I was in grade 5, I poured out my heart to a Grey Nun who listened to me with patience. She said one day I would become a Sister. During Vatican II, the priests discouraged me from entering Religious life because of the changes that were taking place. Still, at age 24, I knew my vocation was not to marry. So here I am a Religious!

God’s call to become a Carmelite Sister D.C.J. …
I believe our Blessed Mother led me here. I was helping at our annual parish’s bazaar and it is then that I learned about the Brown Scapular and started to wear it. Six months later, I applied to enter the Carmelite Sisters D.C.J.. I believe Our Lady of Mount Carmel led me here. I visited and spoke to various Congregations. When I visited our Sisters, I found these Carmelites to be very solid in their faith, and their prayer structure. The apostolate was attractive to me, working with seniors and children. The Sisters wore our Blessed Mother’s habit, which edified me. Our community felt very right to me. I felt the Sisters helped minister Christ to one another.

In my heart I spoke to Jesus, “If you want me here, please give me a sign from the Provincial Superior, Sister M. Philiberta.” Sure enough that happened. Before I left, she asked me, “Would you be interested in entering?” That was the sign I awaited. I knew the door was opened for me.

The discernment tip ...
Be not afraid! If you feel God has called you, step forward! You cannot go back 50 years and say you are sorry you did not pursue. If God is calling you, He will let you know once you move forward in that first step. God puts in your heart where He wants you to be. You have to listen, is God leading you to an active apostolate or apostolate?

What makes me happy as a Carmelite Sister D.C.J. …
What makes me happy is living in the house of the Lord. What a privilege to live in the same house as Jesus! It is also living in a community, working in the apostolate, having the privilege to wear Our Lady’s habit, having time to pray, communing with God, having the privilege to pray the Divine Office together, and lastly sharing meals with my fellow Sisters. I have one big family living in unity loving one another!

Growing in the love of God through Mary has been my reward as we are guided by our Rule and Constitutions to grow in holiness.