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My vocation story: "How did I hear God's call to the Religious Life?"

I attended a catholic school and had Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception teaching all through low and high school. As a child I thought I would like to be a sister also, but as time passed I put this thought out of my mind as I began thinking of marriage and having a family. After high school I went to work and did most of the things all the girls would do. I bowled , swam and danced at CYO. I would attend daily Mass every day before going to work. The thought of becoming a religious again came into my mind and I thought I had better start to pray about this to know God's Will for me and if this is what He wanted I had better answer Him. I always called this my second chance. How did I choose Carmel of the Divine Heart of Jesus. Well I always had a great devotion to the Little Flower.

One day as I was looking through the Sacred Heart Messenger I noticed the word Carmelite Sisters. So I thought this is what our dear Lord was calling me to be a Carmelite . I made novenas and prayed about this ,then I wrote to the sisters for information. Told my dad as my mom had died two years before. He said if this would make me happy he would not stand in my way. So I entered the convent some 47 years ago . I have been happy in good times and difficult times.

What would be my discernment tip:

If you feel God is calling you to be a religious Pray to know God's Will.

Remember God does not speak loud but in whispers( in the gentle breeze) so we should be silent and listen for His voice and then go for it. Yes answer His Call. If it is not for you God will let you know this also or perhaps He wanted you to have graces from this which you will need later on in life and this is also a gift from God to except this.

Religious life is not always easy but, life is what you make it. Happiness come from God and you working together for without Him you can do nothing.

Being near our dear Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, receiving Him in Holy Communion, Praying together, keeping Jesus in our hearts Community life etc, All these things can help to make Happiness for you in religious life. But mainly you and Jesus together make Happiness.