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St. Catharines

God’s call to Religious life…

I was 9 years old. Each classroom received children’s books on the lives of the Saints. Among them was the life of St. Therese. At this Holy Rosary School, the Sisters of Divine Providence taught us, but I did not want to be a teaching Sister. I was inspired to follow St. Therese by giving myself to God.

God’s call to become a Carmelite Sister D.C.J.…

When I went to see my Pastor at St. Anthony’s ( Toronto) about my desire to enter Carmel, he said, "Well, the only Carmelites I know are the ones on Harrison Street." After speaking with the Mother Superior, I realized that it was a Carmelite congregation combining the prayer life of Carmel with working with the elderly and children. Wow! Deep down I had silent misgivings whether I could handle the cloister lifestyle.

The discernment tip:

  • Take time to reflect, see the various instances where God is subtly drawing you in
  • Reflect on those who know or read about who became religious Sisters. God chose others, why not me? From reflecting on others, it seemed those who were more orientated to the things of God, were the happiest even in difficult situations. So if they could be happy serving God, why not me?
  • Is there that desire to know, love and serve the Lord? "Yes, that's me!"

What makes me happy as a Carmelite Sister D.C.J.…

The whole spectrum of Religious life: prayer both contemplative and communal, community life, sharing in the various apostolate of the Congregation. Simply being a Carmelite Sister of the Divine Heart of Jesus makes me happy!