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Carmel Saints

Teresa of Jesus (Teresa of Avila) Saint, Doctor of the Church

Teresa was born at Avila, Spain in 1515. She entered the Carmelites and made great progress in the way of perfection and was granted mystical revelations. Wishing to share in the spiritual renewal of the Church of her time, she began to live her religious life more ardently, and soon attracted many companions to whom she was like a mother. She engineered the reform of the Carmelite Nuns and was instrumental in the reform of the Carmelite Friars. For this she endured great trials. A prolific writer, her writings about her spiritual experiences are renowned for their depth of doctrine. She died at Alba in 1582. Don't miss your chance, go to gry hazardowe za darmo bez rejestracji only here good luck awaits you!

John of the Cross of Avila Saint, Priest & Doctor of the Church John was born at Fontiveros in Spain about 1542. He entered the Carmelites and with the permission of his superiors began to live a stricter life. He was persuaded by Saint Teresa of Avila to begin, together with some others, the Discalced reform within the Order. This cost him much hard work and many trials. He died in Ubeda in 1591, outstanding in holiness and wisdom, to which his many spiritual writings give eloquent witness.

Maria Teresa of Saint Joseph (Anna Maria Tauscher) Blessed Anna Maria Tauscher was born June 19,1855 in Sandow, Mark Brandenburg (now Poland). Raised Lutheran, she became a Catholic on October 30,1888. In 1891 she founded a Home for Children in Berlin. Several women joined her in the care of the poor and neglected children. This was the modest beginning of the Congregation of the Carmelite Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus. Mother Mary Teresa was a woman of prayer. Her special charism was a love of suffering. Throughout Europe and America she founded Homes for children and the elderly. She died on September 20,1938 in Sittard, Holland.

Albert of Jerusalem (Bishop and Lawgiver of Carmel) Saint & Patriarch Albert of Avogadro was born about the middle of the twelfth century in Castel Gualteri, Italy. He became a Canon Regular of the Holy Cross and was elected Prior in 1180. He was anointed a Bishop in 1184 and Patriarch of Jerusalem in 1205. Whilst Patriarch, Albert drew up a rule of Life at the request of the holy hermits of Mount Carmel. This rule would constitute the beginning of the Carmelite Order. He was assassinated at Acre on September 14, 1214.

Anne of Saint Bartholomew, Virgin (Anne Garcia) Blessed Ana Garcia was born at Almendral, Castille, in October 1, 1550. In 1572 she made her profession as a Carmelite in the hands of St.Teresa of Avila. She brought the Teresian spirit to France and Belgium where she proved herself, like Teresa, a daughter of the Church in her great zeal for the salvation of souls. She died at Antwerp on June 7,1626.

Brocard Saint In the early thirteenth century Brocard, in his position of prior of Mount Carmel, served as the Superior General of all the daughter foundations. He had a distinguished reputation in the Palestine of his day and was very much involved in contemporary ecclesiastical affairs. He died at Mount Carmel about 1231 at eighty-one years of age. His feast day is September 2.

Carmelite Nuns of Compiegne Blessed, martyrs As the French Revolution entered its worst days, sixteen Discalced Carmelites from the Monastery of the Incarnation in Compiegne offered their lives as a sacrifice to God, making reparation to him and imploring peace for the Church. On June 22, 1794 they were arrested and thrown into prison. They were guillotined at Paris on July 17, 1794. Their courage and martyrdom are immortalized in the Opera by the composer Francois Poulenc “Dialogues des Carmelites” (“The Dialogues of the Carmelites”). They were beatified in 1906 by Pope St. Pius X. The Carmelites were: Marie Claude Brard; Madeleine Brideau, the Subprior; Maire Croissy, grandniece of Colbert Marie Dufour; Marie Hanisset; Marie Meunier, a Novice; Rose de Neufville Annette Pebras; Anne Piedcourt: Madeleine Lidoine, the Prioress; Angelique Roussel; Catherine Soiron and Therese Soiron, both extern sisters, natives of Compiegne and blood sisters: Anne Mary Thouret; Marie Trezelle; and Eliza beth Verolot.

Elias Saint & Prophet The Prophet Elijah appears in Scripture as a man of God who lived always in his presence and fought zealously for the worship of the one true God. He defended God’s law in a solemn contest on Mount Carmel and afterwards was given on Mount Horeb an intimate experience of the living God. The inspiration that was found in Elijah from the very beginnings of the Order so pervades its whole history that the Prophet may deservedly be called the founder of the Carmelite Ideal.

Elizabeth of the Blessed Trinity (Elizabeth Catez) Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity was born in 1880 in the diocese of Bourges. In 1901 she entered the Discalced Carmelite monastery of Dijon. She made her profession of vows in 1903. She articulated her life as a “praise of (God’s) glory”. She gained a deep understanding of the Most Blessed Trinity present in her soul and loved amidst interior darkness and excruciating illness. She died in 1906.

John of Soreth Blessed & Priest John Soreth was born at Caen in Normandy and entered Carmel as a young man. He took a Doctorate of Theology in Paris and served as Regent of Studies and Provincial of his province. He was Prior General from 1451-1471. He restored observance within the Order and promoted its reform, wrote a famous commentary on the Rule, issued new Constitutions in 1462, and promoted the growth of the Nuns and the secular Third Order.

Mary of the Angels Blessed Mary was born in Turin, Italy in 1661. In 1675 she entered the discalced Carmelite Convent of St. Christina, and several times filled the offices of Prioress and Novice Mistress. She underwent continual spiritual trials but was constant in her ardent love of God. She was outstandingly faithful to prayer and particularly devoted to St. Joseph. She died in 1717.

Mary Magdalen de Pazzi Saint Born in Florence in 1566, she had a religious upbringing and entered the monastery of the Carmelite Nuns there. She led a hidden life of prayer and self-denial, praying particularly for the renewal of the Church and encouraging the Sisters in holiness. Her life was marked by many extraordinary graces. She died in 1607.

Nuno Alvares Pereira Blessed & national hero of Portugal Nuno was born in 1360. For many years he pursued a military career and became the champion of Portuguese independence. After the death of his wife, he joined the Carmelite Monastery in Lisbon as a brother in 1423. He was noted for his prayer, his practice of penance and his filial devotion to the Mother of God. He died in 1431.

Teresa Margaret of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Anna Maria Redi) Saint Anna Maria was born in Arezzo in Tuscany in 1747 of the noble Redi family, and entered the Discalced Carmelites in Florence in 1764. She was given a special contemplative experience concerning the words of St. John, “God is Love.” She felt deeply that her vocation was to live a hidden life of love and self immolation. That vocation was confirmed by her heroic exercise of fraternal charity. She died in 1770 at the age of twenty three.

Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein) Saint Edith Stein was born to a Jewish family at Breslau on October 12, 1891. Through her passionate study of philosophy she searched after truth, and found it in reading the autobiography of St. Teresa of Jesus. In 1922, she was baptized a Catholic, and in 1933, she entered the Carmel of Cologne where she took the name Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. She was gassed and cremated at Auschwitz, on August 9, 1942. She died a martyr for the Christian faith after having offered her holocaust for the people of Israel. A woman of singular intelligence and learning, she left behind a body of writing notable for its doctrinal richness, and profound spirituality.

Therese of the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face Saint, Doctor of the Church Therese Martin was born in Alencon, France in 1873. While still young, she entered the Carmel of Lisieux, where she lived in the greatest humility, evangelical simplicity, and confidence in God. By her words and example she taught the novices these same virtues. Offering her life for the salvation of souls and the spread of the Church, she died on Sep 30, 1897. Therese was beatified in 1923, canonized in 1925, declared Co-Patroness of the Missions in 1927, and Doctor of the Church at World Youth Day 1997 in Rome.

Teresa of Jesus de Los Andes Saint Juanita Fernandez Solar was born at Santiago, Chile, on July 13, 1900. From her adolescence she was devoted to Christ. She entered the monastery of the Discalced Carmelite Nuns at Los Andes on May 7, 1919, where she was given the name of Teresa of Jesus. She died on April 12th of the following year after having made her religious profession. She was beatified by John Paul II on April 3,1987, at Santiago, Chile, and proposed as a model for young people. She is the first Chilean and the first member of the Teresian Carmel in Latin America to be beatified.

Titus Brandsma Blessed, Priest Born at Bolsward, Netherlands,in 1881, Titus joined the Carmelite Order, and was ordained a Priest in 1905. He taught philosophy and the history of mysticism in the Catholic University of Nijmegen. He was a professional journalist and was appointed ecclesiastical advisor to Catholic journalists. Both before and during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, he fought, against the spread of Nazi ideology and for the freedom of Catholic education and Catholic press by staying faithful to the gospel. For this he was arrested, and sent to a succession of prisons, and concentration camps where he brought comfort, and peace to other prisoners, and was good even to his tormentors. In 1942 he was killed at Dachau. He was beatified by John Paul II in 1985.

Andrew Corsini Saint, Bishop d.1374

Albert of Sicily Saint, Priest d. 1307(?)

Bartolomew Fanti d. 1495

Baptist of Mantua (Spagnoli “The Mantuan”) Blessed, Priest 1447-1516

Berthold Saint XIII Century

Eliseus Saint, Prophet IX Century, BC

Joan Scopelli Blessed 1428-1491

Peter Thomas Saint, Patriarch ab. 1305-1366

Simon Stock Saint, Priest XIII Century